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24th December 2012

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The typical Swedish Christmas Eve*

*Not every Swede’s Christmas Eve looks like this.

  • You wake up and eat risgrynsgröt for breakfast(kind of like rice pudding but less dessert-y and more porridge-y). 
  • I don’t know what you do for the rest of the morning. Except maybe watch an Astrid Lindgren movie on TV or make your way over to the family member who’s hosting the day.
  • At 1pm, sometimes earlier, we(at least in my family) eat Christmas dinner which is not a smörgåsbord, which means “sandwich table” but a julbord, which means “Christmas table”, an assortment of food from Christmas ham to meatballs and Janssons, a swedish potato gratin with anchovies. And lots of other stuff.
  • At 15pm 95% of the Swedish population sits down to watch “Kalle Anka och hans vänner”, a Disney Special from the 30’s that somewhere along the way became a Swedish ritual. 
  • Sometime after Kalle Anka, Santa Claus/Father Christmas arrives. He brings with him a bag of presents, but more often than not, there are already presents under the tree as well. In our celebrations, he sits down in front of the tree and hands out the presents, staying for as long as the poor family member underneath the beard is able to. One time, my aunt was Santa, and basically nobody in the family, not even the grownups, recognized her. That might have had something to do with the alcohol consumed, but still. You’d think they’d wonder why Santa has green nail polish. 
  • After opening presents, I’m not really sure what’s typical anymore. We usually have some glögg(mulled wine) and watch tv. Later on we might play some board games, if people are up for it. 
  • It’s one hell of a day, and I have to stop writing now so I can go live it. Merry Christmas! Or as we say in Sweden: God Jul!

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