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8th August 2011

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Remember this?

A/N: I remember before they broke up, killed off, cancelled and faded away all the gay couples in soap(hollyoaks’ Ste and Brendon don’t count). Kish were one of them. One of my favorite scenes with them was this: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qwFnJSLv5FA

It’s somewhere in there, you’ll know when you see it. I’ve always thought that scene was really powerful, so I just wanted to write it. It’s nothing special.

Oliver Fish could feel his secret college sweetheart’s hand on his shoulder. At first it was a supportive, buddy-like touch, but it soon turned into something more intimate. It was a subtle difference, but it was one they both felt very clearly. Fish could feel Kyle’s body heat much more as he moved closer behind him. So close, yet not quite touching. It was unfair. Fish had been working so hard to put all this behind him, get a girlfriend, forget everything, and still Kyle could get to him this way. This could not be happening again, he could not let Kyle confuse him this way.

“I hate to see you like this,” Kyle breathed.

“Kyle, come on. Don’t,” he said, sounding much weaker than he intended to. He was closer to tears than anybody watching them could possibly have discerned. Kyle did not move his hand, instead he leaned his head on Fish’ shoulder, and despite his words, Fish couldn’t help but grasp his former boyfriend’s hand were it still rested on the right side of his chest. It was such a familiar gesture, and automatically Kyle squeezed his hand. They could both have stayed there forever, just like that, even though Fish’ mind was reeling. Layla was expecting him. She thought they were going to be a couple. And Kyle? Well, he was always just Kyle. He closed his eyes and held Kyle’s hand tighter, wishing, as always, that he could have more.

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